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Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

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This is any gamer’s dream! Here, you can embody a character and ‘dive’ into a game where the goal is to kill flesh-eating zombies, ready to rip your arms off.

The narrative is immersive, the ultra-realistic movements (based on motion capture from real actors) and being able to hold a weapon and kill monsters is the perfect excuse for a brutal experience!

Choose the mission and the weapon but do not get separated from your group! Only working as a team will you be able to sustain the hordes of monsters!

If you prefer something calmer, there are also work simulations or development of unconscious skills to test group dynamics and leadership of some team member.

  • Level of difficulty: Average
  • Duration: 30 to 60 min.


  • VR gear


  • Groups of 2 to 8 people.
  • You can add lunch or dinner to this activity.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes are advisable.
  • Avoid makeup because it can stain the lenses and lowers the quality of the experience.
  • No glasses allowed, only contact lenses (VR glasses can be adjusted to the player’s vision).
  • For security reasons you will not be able to participate in this experience if you:
    • Suffer from epilepsy in any degree.
    • Suffer from deafness or severe hearing loss.
    • Use a wheelchair.
  • It is not recommended to:
    • People with heart problems or heart failure.
    • Women in advanced stages of pregnancy.