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Salt Ponding

Salt Ponding

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Mixing old traditions to create a unique and enriching experience with a magnificent landscape so characteristic of the country’s saltworks as a backdrop.

A differentiating experience that will show you a lesser known region, surrounded by natural wealth, a protected area for conservation on the doorsteps of Lisbon.

This region was the largest and most important nucleus of salt production in Portugal, today it is reduced but still very important for the history and culture of this place.

Here, you will be able to know the artisanal process of salt extraction and production, but also the opportunity to observe numerous species of animals, namely birds, such as stilts, herons and even flamingos.

  • Level of difficulty: Low
  • Duration: 3 hours


  • Guide and expert of the fauna and flora of the region


  • 6 people minimum
  • You can add certain equipment to this experience like a bike or binoculars.