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Laser Tag

Laser Tag

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Two teams fighting for victory, in a dynamic game full of adrenaline!

With an area of 300 sq.m, the aim is to hit opponents, a bit like paintball, but without the annoying part of having your clothes stained with paint or collecting bruises and having to wear protective equipment.

  • Level of difficulty: Average / High
  • Duration: Between 15 min. and 60 min.


  • Laser tag gear


  • You can add lunch or dinner to this activity (charged separately)
  • Groups of 6 to 20 (10 vs 10 for instance).
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes are advisable.
  • It is not recommended for:
    • People with problems or heart failure, back, epilepsy or a history of dislocations.
    • Women in advanced stages of pregnancy.