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Defy gravity and jump into a world where adults are allowed to be children again.

This is the perfect spot for grown-ups who want to be a kid again… for a couple of hours! Challenge gravity and jump across a wide space with more than 100 interconnected trampolines, each with its own characteristics.

And did you know that bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running? We are not the ones saying that, it’s NASA. Yes, exactly, that NASA who send rockets into space. In addition, it increases awareness of your body and a sense of balance and coordination. For us it’s simply ideal way to reduce the stress of everyday life!

You don’t have to be in shape or be some kind of athlete, what matters is to have fun, jump at your own pace and escape your daily routine! But for those ‘extreme’ lovers, there are also some crazy challenges, but also cross-team games.

  • Level of difficulty: Average (It can differ according to individual intensity)
  • Duration: 2 / 3 hours


  • Non-sliding socks
  • Host for your group


  • 10 people minimum
  • It is advisable to wear clothes suited for sports
  • Extras like a private room for a lecture and catering are available