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It's perfectly natural to have questions.
See if we have the answer to your doubts. If not, please contact us.

You can see on the website our extensive offer. Each tour page shows all the details you need to know, i.e. inclusions and exclusions.

If you want to adjust any tour to suit your needs, we would be delighted to help you. Please contact us if you need further clarifications.

Regular van tours usually last about 8 / 9 hours and walking tours about 3 / 4 hours. But this is merely a rough estimate because we do relaxed and ‘go-with-the-flow’ tours providing all the necessary information and answering all questions.

We have all the time in the world and we want to transmit our passion to visitors in a calm way so they have a genuine and unforgettable experience. But if you have limited time we also perform half-day tours.

You have come to the right place! Our offer is extensive and is divided essentially into regular tours and circuits. However, we can adapt any idea or include any sites / places you want to visit that are not contemplated in our offer.

We have qualified and competent professionals who know the country better than anyone and can help you create your desired itinerary. Whether you want to be pampered in a spa centre or having a balloon ride we want to live up to your expectations!

Yes, we have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 for our regular van tours. Sometimes more than one van can go to the same destination but our goal is to keep small groups for greater closeness and interaction with the client.

However we do tours (in van or walking tours) for large groups and if necessary we request higher-capacity buses. For these particular cases, please contact us.

Without any doubt. We have a team ready to meet your needs. For your convenience we can adjust the tour and include alternatives so that you can have a memorable experience even without walking too much or not at all. Mind that we cannot change any tour in regular format, but we can do any tour in private. This way you have total control of what to see and how long you want to stay at a given location.

Anyway our tours are to be enjoyed slowly with several stops along the way, we are not in hurry to get you back home! Our vans are also very comfortable and have air conditioning so you can have the best sightseeing tour ever!

Oh yeah! We greatly care for the comfort of our customers so that they have enriching experiences and especially not get bored.

We can transform any tour in private; during our regular full day tours we can’t really change the itinerary and the timings at all the stops.

If you opt for a private tour, the time inside the monuments can be shortened to your liking or even replaced with other places of interest. 

The question is quite relevant and makes sense. Our guides have academic studies and most of them are Tourism graduates with full certifications to make our tours.

In addition to technical skills, they were hand picked by their charismatic personality, passion for the country and its history and excellent communication skills. We can be cool but we will never neglect or be sloppy when it comes to discipline and professionalism.

Being cool is not just a question of image. Our approach is highly professional and fulfill all legal procedures in accordance with the European Directives and the Portuguese law, regarding insurances (Civil Liability and Personal Accident), safety of our vehicles (Traffic Insurance) and customers.

We are also an authorized company for sightseeing tours as demonstrates our license (RNAAT n.º 17/2009), which can be consulted at the Tourism Authority of Portugal.

Why sould the little ones stay out of our tours? There is absolutely no problem! Up to 3 years old it’s completely free and between 4 to 12 they have a 20% discount. Logistically speaking we just have to know in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

According to Portuguese law, children must sit on a chair or booster cushion as long as they are either 150 cm tall (4ft / 11 inch.), 36 kg (79lb) of weight or 12 years old, so the belt can be properly placed at the waist and not on the belly.

Yes. Tell us the day you arrive, indicating the flight code and origin. We need to know well in advance to organize the logistics and confirm availability. Please contact us in case you require this service.

If you want to make a booking please take a look at our options. Click here.

There is no right answer. What we can say, however, based on our own experience is that during high season (April – October) it is more difficult to book in short notice.

However, we can accept reservations until 24 hours before (we do not have the obligation to accept any booking since according to our general conditions we require a notice at least 48h prior to the tour), sometimes even less. Nonetheless when we get a last minute reservation for the day after, we can not always guarantee availability. The best thing to do is to make a reservation a few days in advance or even weeks before the tour.

Simple! You can do it through our website on the page tour you want to perform or mail us: info.lisbon@thecooltours.com (from Lisbon / Algarve) or info.oporto@thecooltours.com (from Oporto). If you want a tailor-made tour send us your request and we will ensure to perform your itinerary.

When booking a tour or more the payment can be made ​​via:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal (we’ll send a link to pay by Visa / Mastercard. You don’t need a Paypal account)

We are cool but not that cool. The paid amount can be refunded at 100% if the customer wants to cancel up to 24 hours before the tour. If a cancellation is made less than the 24h period only 50% of the booking will be refunded. In case of no show / cancellation in the same day, the amount will not be refunded.