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Bubble Football

Bubble Football

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As the name implies, it’s playing football inside a giant plastic bubble. If your idea is to do a moderate physical activity, but with a high rate of laughter, Bubble Football is just the perfect activity.

Scoring goals is not even relevant and the most interesting, in fact, is sending the opponent through the air and knocking him / her down is where all the fun is! At the same time, we still burn some calories and work out our abs with the amount of laughs that this activity can generate!

  • Level of difficulty: Average / High
  • Duration: Half-day


  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Photoshoot of your group. Video option also available but as an extra.


  • You can add lunch or dinner to this activity.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes are advisable.
  • It is not recommended for:
    • People with problems or heart failure, back or with a history of dislocations.
    • Pregnant women.