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Welcome to recruitment! The instructors will be tough but always reward the hard work and effort! The harder the training, the less casualties you’d have in a real situation of war. This is the parallelism to be made for the competitive world of business.

The challenge is constant, from climbing, jumping, shooting, marching and even crawling, it’s all part of this intense teambuilding exercise. There are no ‘stops’ just like in the business world, the goals are to be met and only the most agile team will be able to evolve and overcome themselves in the face of obstacles. There are no better or worse, there are qualities to be explored and weaknesses to overcome. In this “war” game, success depends on everyone. Cooperation, resilience and courage is the motto for this fun and dynamic activity!

  • Level of difficulty: Average / High
  • Duration: Tailored to your budget and your needs.


  • All the necessary equipment for the activity and mini games.


  • 12 people minimum.
  • You can add lunch or dinner to this activity.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes are advisable.
  • It is not recommended for:
    • People with problems or heart failure, back, epilepsy or a history of dislocations.
    • Women in advanced stages of pregnancy.