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From painting to pottery, awake the artist that lives in you…

Free the Pollock or the Picasso in you! In 2 / 3 hours, the challenge is to turn a white canvas into an authentic work of art. With the help of a teacher, you will be able to recreate and even give your personal and unique touch to world famous paintings.

If you prefer something different, you can also try tile painting in a studio that has already done works in several famous buildings, such as hotels in the city of Lisbon or even palaces. Here, you can visit the place, see the process of manufacturing the traditional Portuguese tile, and then paint your own tile as a souvenir.

  • Level of Difficulty: Low
  • Duration: 3 hours


  • For the painting on canvas: the canvas itself, paints, brushes and an apron. The tile painting also includes paints and brushes.


  • The paint is acrylic, non-toxic and easy to remove from the skin or any piece of clothing.
  • In the end of the canvas activity, you can bring your canvas. As for the tile painting option it is necessary to wait a whole day for the paint to dry properly.