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From the earth to your table. We have several workshops and cooking classes with freshly harvested ingredients. The aim is to take advantage of what the land has to offer and engage in better eating habits.

There is no richer and purer experience than to get your own hands down on the soil and feel the direct contact with nature. In this activity you’ll be able to grow food, talk about healthy eating habits, learn to cook vegetables, to use and recognize different aromatic herbs, and finally eat the ingredients that you’ve harvested yourself, for a tasty meal.

It’s a relaxed and enriching way to learn about healthy eating habits and new ways of cooking certain foods, some of which are somewhat unfamiliar regarding their nutritional value and health benefits.

In addition, we intend to draw attention to the process of biological farming (without the use of chemicals), and keeping the soil nourished and alive as well. The planet and future generations will appreciate it!

  • Level of Difficulty: Low
  • Duration: 8 hours


  • All the necessary equipment for the activity
  • A healthy food workshop
  • Sow and / or plant food activity at your choice